Monday, September 15, 2008


thanks to joanna from cup of jo, i've been featured (along with a few other familiar faces) on her glamour magazine blog 'smitten'. she sent out a request for 'first date outfits' so on sunday jon helped me take some photos of what i would wear on a first date. my first choice was a casual look- jeans, t-shirt, drkshdw jacket and flats. jon didn't think that was first-date material (geez!) so i picked out another outfit that was a bit more dressy but still comfortable. i feel really uncomfortable getting my picture taken, and i don't think i'm photogenic, so these were kind of torturous!

1st Date Outfit #1
this one made it on her blog.
-drkshdw jacket
-james perse t-shirt
-acne jeans
-repetto flats

1st Date Outfit #2
this one is my second option. i would feel more comfortable with a scarf. also- growing out fringe is torture!
-iro leather jacket
-zara dress
-acne shoes

also, i wanted to take jon go-cart racing for a belated birthday event, so we drove for a half hour to get to this place and they ended up being closed for a private function! blast! admittedly, i was a bit scared of driving really fast a few centimeters away from the pavement... but it does look like fun... we'll have to try again next weekend.


Jessica said...

I am such a scarf girl as well. I always need one around to make sure I look complete.

erica said...

haha, i gave joanna two options, also. the first was a 50s skirt and button down shirt, very art historian, and the second was posted on Smitten. matthew definitely preferred the second outfit, although it wasn't very comfortable to wear.

i'm not one for dressing up just for a date. i like your first outfit better, it seems more 'you.'

WendyB said...

Yay for Acne Jeans.

xAx said...

It's nice to get a peek at your personal style, and you are photogenic but i sympathise with the fringe, i've been there and it's a pain. Wow, what to wear on a first date is tough, it's been a long time...there is always the risk of looking too dressy, never good. I like the first look, casual with a rocky vibe.

I like the idea of go-carting it sounds like exactly the kind of driving i used to do when i was learning to drive, lol, much to the terror of my instructor!

Kate said...

you're beautiful!

Graziella said...

great choices and you're beautiful. those shoes(second picture) really rocks!

Joanna Goddard said...

you looked so lovely!!

raq said...

i think you look great!

thesearchforchic said...

The Acne shoes are magnificent. You look so lovely.

Shay said...

u so are photogenic. Don't be ridiculous. xo

Stephanie said...

jessica- i know, i felt a bit naked without one, but it was just too hot!

erica- the first outfit is probably what i would actually wear!

wendyb- they are my favorite! i've had this particular pair for 3 years now, and still wear them all the time.

xax- i have no idea how to pose! we went through tons of shots before choosing these.
haha- i was scared of driving. i didn't learn until i was 18.

kate+graziella+joanna+raq- thanks!

searchforchic- thanks- i'm really glad i bought them. it seems like everyone is looking for them now!

shay- i'm not!! trust me. we went through a ton of photos! said...

I think you look great, you shouldn't feel uncomfortable at all. I must say that I really like the first outfit, the detail with the red shoes looks really good!