Thursday, September 11, 2008


yesterday was jon's birthday, so i took him to ping's cafe on main street for dinner. i had wanted to check that place out for a while. i love the decor- especially the lighting. wood + felt + antique benches + abstract lighting + white&grey = perfect. it had an intimate feeling which i liked.

we had ping's poutine, tuna tataki, and ping's dinner. the poutine is a great idea- it includes curry with chips and cheese, but it honestly left me a bit disappointed. i'm not a poutine connoisseur, but i like my cheese melty and my fries crispy on the outside and soft on the inside... the tuna tataki was good, and well priced for how much you get. ping's dinner includes 1 hamburgoo, deep fried prawns and pork with tartar sauce, potato salad and rice. it was pretty tasty, but i was curious about their baked cod as well, so i'm sure we'll be back.

ping's cafe
2702 main st.
vancouver, b.c.

i wore my drkshdw jacket, which really doesn't get enough play in my wardrobe. i'm making a note to wear it more, because i love it so much. (pics taken at jon's parents house, where we are staying until we go to japan)

Outfit Last Night

Outfit Last Night Close-up

-drkshdw jacket
-bijoux de sophie necklace
-tinc dress (from san francisco)
-acne shoes


xAx said...

Love the jacket didn't realise you had a RO one, i'm back from Paris bought the IM boots - they come up really small so you're going to probably need a 39. I saw the RO boutique and an amazing jacket which i'm so getting a) once i find the money again b) if i can get it in black.

thesearchforchic said...

OH MY you look faaaantastic... More outfits posts!!

I love this look, is dark yet VERY feminine... I love that.

Fashion Is Poison said...

ohyGod. you have my dream shoes!

Stephanie said...

xax- it's a waxed denim, not leather unfortunately. ooh! I can't wait to see pictures of them on you! So jealous ;)

thesearchforchic- thanks, i will have to do more outfit posts in the future

fashionispoison- i love these! they are so comfortable.

la femme said...

Mmmm. I have a drkshdw hoodie and covet your jacket.