Monday, September 15, 2008

paris vogue

in my obsession to assemble and archive a full year of paris vogue, i caved and bought two back-issues from somebody in france via ebay. i missed march '08, and i really wanted september 2007. so i'm up to date for 2008 (besides sept 2008, which i can't find here yet) and i'll have to go through my boxes once we move in to see what other issues i have. in an effort to cut down my magazine hoarding, usually i tear out anything worth saving and recycle the rest. but not paris vogue- how could i? i love flipping through old issues. you know you are doing something right when years later editorials still feel relevant.

Paris Vogue Mars 2008
mars 2008
Paris Vogue Mars 2008
septembre 2007
Paris Vogue Septembre 2007
septembre 2007

i was also finally able to give chanel's blue satin polish a try. i'm happy that it has more of a black cast in some light, and brighter in others. i really want to get a deep, dark purple for fall.


xAx said...

How funny, i've been flipping through my back issues of Jalouse and Vogue Paris. I love the style section at the front of VP, it's a constant source of inspiration the may issue with all the fringe and suede is one of my personal favourites. Those repetto shoes with the stars are totally cool.

S said...

Cool blog!

Joanna Goddard said...

gorgeous! what a great find!

Stephanie said...

xax- i love the style sections too! they are spot on and always drool-worthy.

s- thanks!

joanna- they were, but shipping them was $$, but i'm glad i have them now!

stylepill said...

What a great post. I was needing some inspiration for my own blog and Paris Vogue is just the thing. Thanks!

-h of candid cool said...

i think that's the beauty of vogue paris. i regret not buying vogue australia when i saw that last alt editorial reprinted in it