Thursday, September 25, 2008

onward and upward


good news has finally come. FINALLY!!!! regarding our house. we're closing!!! after we get back from tokyo we can move right in! i feel like a huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders. i will have a home soon!! no more suitcases! i can't even remember how long we've been homeless, but i think it's been close to 5 months or something.

i think the thing i am looking forward to most is being able to hang up my clothes somewhere, and to get my running shoes and work-out stuff so i can start yoga and pilates again. oh, and set up my sewing machine too! i have so many ideas that need to get out!

i can't wait to go to japan, but now i'm happy i have somewhere to come home to.


erica said...

yay, wonderful news!! where is that photo from? i'm in love with everything in it.

Ammu said...

Congrats! That's incredibly exciting. Love this blog by the way - you have an awesome visual sense.

izzydore said...

Oh my. you're going to tokyo soon AND you do yoga and pilates? thats two things we have in common, you HAVE to be my friend! haha

I will be going to Tokyo end of october this year and I'm still partially clueless on where to shop, what to buy, and what to wear! I would love to share tips/plans with you! Leave a comment on my blog if you feel like talking :)


Joanna Goddard said...

yay!!! congratulations!!!!

enjoy your trip :)

Yayer said...

Congrats!! Vancouver market has been so crazy over the past few years but I hear prices are coming down. If they do come down a bit more I would buy a place up there. What neighbourhood will you be moving into?

Stephanie said...

erica- thanks! it is the most wonderful news EVER. I can't remember where the photo is from unfortunately- just picked it out of my giant 'home inspiration' folder on my desktop!

ammu- thanks for the compliment! :)

izzydore- haha, yep. i suck at yoga though. i've only done it a few times but it felt really good so i have been dying to make it a regular routine! i will do a full report on tokyo when i get back, don't you worry!

joanna- thank you thank you!!

yayer- thanks! luckily we managed to sell our old place right before it plummeted too much. we're moving from mt. pleasant area (well, technically from our storage locker) to cambie area.

izzydore said...

everybody sucks at yoga in the beginning, but it gets better! a full report after you get back from tokyo with be tremendously appreciated. :) said...

Love the photo, is that from your house? Looks awesome!