Monday, September 8, 2008

ny fashion week

new york fashion week doesn't usually excite me, but i did like alexander wang's destroyed knitwear with mesh inserts. not digging pastels for s09 though, sorry...

alexander wang s09
please tell me that is a leather bathing cap!

alexander wang s09
perfect for showing off your sequined booty shorts

alexander wang s09
stam does not look pleased... maybe it's the flack she's getting for having muscle on her thighs now...

kate looking amazing in a grey waistcoat
(garance dore)


Anna at D16 said...

Kate's hair is perrrrrrfect!!

emily said...

i actually loved wang's pastels, but i'm definitely in the minority. and i love the looks that you chose to post!

thesearchforchic said...

Ugh..I really disliked Wang's show..

Kate looks great though. I like that she looks polished but tough at the same time.

Stephanie said...

anna- i know! i admire her angular cut and wish i could pull it off myself :)

emily- i like pastels as a concept (i think jil sander did it quite well for S08) but it just doesn't appeal to my personal style

thesearchforchic- yeah, there were really only a few things i liked. kate always does polished/tough so well!