Thursday, September 25, 2008

the list

my tradition is to get a moleskin city guide for trips, but i can't find the tokyo one anywhere, and i don't have time to order one online. so i got a blank one and i'm going to treat it as more of a sketchbook/scrapbook. i created a list of things i want to look for in tokyo in pictorial format. it was fun to cut and paste again like we used to do in school.

here's a sampling...
Moleskin List
i want a lot of black shoes! haha. (there are more on other pages!)
Moleskin List


xAx said...

Welcome to my world of scrapbooks galore, i have one on everything shoes, clothes, favourite style icons, hair and ahem motorbikes.

BTW, I have always wanted that IM shirt, have i seen it, nope.

Yayer said...

I just saw khaki jodphurs by Vince but not my size. So bummed. I have a hair scrapbook. I always want new hair and hate having to find pics when I go to my hairdresser. Have so much fun in Japan! It'll be such a blast.

Stephanie said...

xax- usually i don't scrapbook, because i'm too lazy to print things out and i don't like to cut up my magazines!

yayer- i got a khaki/tan pair at h&m but haven't worn them yet. i want to get a few more pairs in tokyo, especially some comfy jersey ones.

-h of candid cool said...

i love black ankle boots. one can never have enough

erin said...

Amazon has a Tokyo :)