Sunday, September 14, 2008


i seem to be finding a lot of jewelry that appeals to me lately. i was checking out what was new on aloha rag and found florian, designed by florian ladstaetter. check out aloha rag for some close-ups of all the pieces- there are some really cool mixes of materials.

leather bead necklace $720

aluminum, crystal, pearl necklace $265

chain and bead necklace $320

leather necklace with crystal beads $300


miss sophie said...

the first necklace is really interesting. i love the contrast of the leather top half!

Drunk Painter said...

Have you heard of the jewelry designer Annie Costello Brown? She's amazing and you might like it given your other posts. I have several of her pieces.

Stephanie said...

miss sophie- i like the contrast too. i bet it would look amazing on.

drunk painter- i haven't, thanks! i will check out her work.

-h of candid cool said...

unless they're made of luxe materials, in my opinion, some of them are a little to simple to be at that price.