Friday, September 12, 2008

erie basin

historically i haven't been a big jewelry person, but i am now in the school of thinking that the right accessories or jewelry can elevate an outfit. i really love erie basin's selection of pieces. they have a bit of old world feel to them and of course i love anything natalia brilli covers in leather. i really want one of her watches.

erie basin georgian diamond ring.
soooo pretty. $425

1880s vulcanite and watch chain necklace $290

lee hale thorn studs $180

natalia brilli leather pearl necklace $375


erica said...

i'm terrible at accessorizing with jewelry, mainly because i hate accumulating 'stuff' that is easily lost.

also, it can get really expensive if you aren't careful. the thorn studs would be pretty awesome, though.

WendyB said...

I definitely think you should change your mind about jewelry ;-)

Stephanie said...

erica- i only have a very small collection of jewelry, and usually only wear one necklace. you are right- jewelry can get very expensive (especially the cool stuff), which is why i never really paid it much mind, because i would rather get an entire garment than one little necklace or ring.