Monday, September 15, 2008


last week i was reminded of 20x200. i am warming up to the notion of photography as wall art. i have always been more of a fan of prints, paintings or illustrations, but now i'm thinking a large scale photograph would be fantastic as well.

i'm intrigued by luke stephenson's white and grey canary #1

i guess it just has to be the right photograph. i would love a stormy landscape, similar to this one by joseph o holmes, but maybe without the people and dogs...

can anyone recommend any photographers you think i'd like? (especially if they are local to vancouver)


Joanna Goddard said...

i love your choices here!

i really like aya brackett from san francisco --


Kelsey said...

maybe you'd like jocelyn knight's work? she's from the san francisco area too.

Yayer said...

I love 20X200 but every time I like something from there it's sold out. Just recently I truly liked a piece enough to buy it and it was sold out just hours after release. But of course when I get their email while sitting at my desk, I usually pass.

I like Jason Nocito.
I think he splits time between NYC & Van.

I can't think of anyone specifically from Vancouver...I only know skate and snow photographers. But I have been known to commission them to do other work.

laia. said...

20x200 is great!
it's true sometimes things sell out really quickly but that adds a little to the thrill of the purchase!

Stephanie said...

thanks for your suggestions everyone! i will check them out :)