Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what's in my bag?

i haven't done a personal post in a while so i thought i'd do a 'here's what's in my bag' post. even though i cleaned my bag out a while ago, i still have a ton of crap in it.

What's in my bag?
here she is. the strap is starting to rip at one end, so i emailed isabel marant and hopefully i can get it fixed.

What's in my bag?
i've put notes on all my pictures in flikr, so if you're wondering about something specific, go check it out.

What's in my bag?
all this crap is in the little pocket on the outside.

DSCWhat's in my bag?06292
all of that fits in that tiny little pouch! amazing.

What's in my bag?
my travel makeup bag.

What's in my (makeup) bag?
there's actually less stuff in it now then there used to be!

hmm.... taking all these pictures makes me think i need to clean out my bag again...


Top bird said...

Oooh, I love a good look into a stylish blogger's bag.

What a treat ... thanks for sharing. xx

Kelly said...

How have I not found you until now? Love your blog..mind if I link? :)

erica said...

i don't even know where my passport is, it's been so long since i've had to use it!

poor bag, i hope it gets fixed soon. my bag is filled with old receipts and very little else.

Lisa said...

lady love.

loving the Canadian passport ;)

that bag is killer.

big bags are the only way to go!

thanks for sharing.


Times of Glory said...

That is a STYLISH bag! The contains are all necessary and fun! You use kiehl's? I love it xxxxxxxxx

p.s. You bag is much "cleaner" than mine xxxxxxxxxx

Anthea said...

A VPL Card!! I love your purse :)

Stephanie said...

kelly- sure! i love the latest posts on your blog!

erica- it's probably not the safest thing to carry it around in my bag all the time, but i've been traveling a lot for business lately so that way i don't forget it!

lisa- the size of my bag definitely encourages pack-rat-ing... but it also acts as a shopping bag sometimes- that way i can cut down on plastic bags if i forget to bring my reusable ones.

times of glory- i love your blog! your shoe collection is truly amazing. i love kiehl's, especially the hand cream. i recently tried some of their hair products and now i'm hooked on their deep conditioner :)

anthea- yep! except i never use it. i think i have some overdue fees that i'm avoiding.. hehe


I really like the Lesportsac cosmetic pouch, I'm guessing that print is discontinued though...?

Stephanie said...

i'm not sure- i got it at an outlet for super cheap!

-h of candid cool said...

that bag looks like butta!

phonethip said...
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