Monday, August 25, 2008

tranquil home

i was checking out dwr and found some nice new home items. collectively they give me the feeling of a tranquil white home with touches of grey and an abundance of linen and maybe some felt for good measure.

dwr- herb pot
herb pot $30

dwr- nest heather sheets
nest heather flat sheets $145-210

dwr- fog linen apron
fog linen full apron $80

dwr- stacking storage tower
stacking storage tower $115

dwr- fog linen cases
fog linen zip cases $18-35


xAx said...

I always love your home posts, i really like those grey sheets (so feeling grey), i've decided to paint my room grey-not ugly school jumper grey, but something chic and relaxing as my room gets a lot of light i think i can get away with it.

Stephanie said...

thanks! i really want beautiful sheets, but the ones i like are always so expensive! i definitely want a grey wall or walls somewhere in our new place! when we renovated our old bathroom we decided to go with a 'greyscale' theme so we picked medium matte grey tiles and a light grey paint. i miss that bathroom. it had heated floors and a really huge shower head! i love huge shower heads :)