Thursday, August 28, 2008

silent noise

my hard drive died a while ago (note to self- crunching noises are not a good sign, and neither is dropping it) and i lost all my music, but managed to save all my stupid albeit important work files. i have been without itunes for about six weeks and this instant about five minutes ago i officially snapped. i hate not being able to listen to music when i want to. i have a selection on my ipod but i don't like listening to it while i work at home because its kind of weird having headphones on all day. jon- help me!!

edit: thanks jon! managed to get back itunes and all my music!! yaaaay!


Casey said...

have you tried you can build your own 'radio station', with bands you like, and it only plays those (no "you like x, so we think you'd like y" disasters). and there's a firefox add-on ( that puts a little mini-player in the bottom status bar of firefox, so you don't have to have a separate tab or window open to listen. i love it! good luck! :-)

Stephanie said...

thanks! i'll look into that, i've never heard of it.

-h of candid cool said...

oh that sucks. but yah that u got your music back!

a similar thing happened to me like 2 yrs, miliseconds after i saved my college graduation portfolio onto those usb things. and it made those weird crunching sounds too.

Stephanie said...

-h- yes, i have realized how important backing up anything i don't want disappearing!