Thursday, August 28, 2008

makeup counter woes

Eyeshadow explosion

just like check-out queues, i have the worst luck with makeup counters too. somehow i always get some gum-chewing sloppy girl throwing about her makeup brushes and trying to sell me shiny foundation 2 shades too dark for my skin. and for some reason i put up with it. today i had an appointment with chanel to get my makeup done. really, my motive was to learn how to do a smokey eye. hah. that was not going to happen today. today i was the recipient of chanel's new fall makeup line loaded in the makeup gun and set to 'whore'. i asked for 'subtle smokey eye' and i got some gold explosion mixed with soot encrusted on my eyelid, porn star mega glossy lip encircling my natural lip line, and super shiny foundation face. i was not exactly pleased. though i'm sure it wasn't as bad as if i had walked out of m.a.c. post artist attack, i still felt a wee bit overdone and cakey-eyed. i'm just not used to that much makeup, especially eyeshadow. i ended up getting the '93 smokey eyes' palette instead of the new 'reflets d'ombre' one that my attacker used, but i'm debating on whether or not i'm actually going to keep it.


Melissa said...

I HATE getting my makeup done at makeup counters too!! I always walk out feeling sooo self conscious cause I'm wearing at least 3 pounds of makeup on my eyes alone! Regardless of where I go, I always get the artist that has no idea how to do asian eyes, and so I always feel like Mimi from the Drew Carey show. I think this is why I never wear eyeshadow...I have yet to find someone to show me how to do it properly. I too love the smoky eye look...but so far I've been shown nothing but the porn-star-after-the-scene-is-shot look. Gross!

Shay said...

oh my gosh, you poor thing!! For some reason girls that work at makeup counters tend to overdo it. Not sure whether this is an attempt to sell more product or out of their genuine love for gunking as much stuff on their faces as possible...somewhere in the middle?

Carlene said...

"'s new fall makeup line loaded in the makeup gun and set to 'whore'"

OMG, that's a great line!!

Stephanie said...

mel- i felt sooo self conscious walking around downtown after! the foundation was horribly shiny after about 10 minutes on my face! they say 'dewy' i say 'reflective'

shay- i don't know what it was! she gave me a few helpful tips, but didn't really end up doing what i wanted on my face. oh well! i guess i'll have to experiment myself.

carlene- haha, it's a simpsons reference. i don't know if you're a fan but homer decides he wants to be an inventor and invents (among other things) a makeup gun that he shoots at marge's face. that is exactly how i felt!

Yayer said...

It's super hard to find a counter makeup artist who doesn't go crazy on your face. I went to a Shu Uemura eyelash event in hopes of learning to apply them myself. The girl made me look crazy. I knew it was bad when my BFF told me to take off my makeup before we continued our day of shopping.

There was a male makeup artist who worked at Nars in Holts in Vancouver named Jason. He was amazing. Never too much, always just perfect. I think he left to teach. He was the best.

Have you tried watching YouTube videos and then practicing at home? I watch YouTube videos mainly for how-tos. I learned how to make jam and how to do beachy hair. I am sure there's a decent smokey eye video. I am sure there are also some horrendous and hilarious ones too.

Dee said...

Melissa: I have the same problem too! At the Bobbi Brown makeup counter, I walked away looking like a panda bear. No joke. The lady there said it was a dramatic evening look. I thought I looked like I got punched in both eyes multiple times. Ran (not walked) to the bathroom to wash it all off.

But it's not as bad as getting your makeup done at the MAC counter. I swear it's like a disco ball exploded all over my face.

So far, the only decent makeover I've had at a makeup counter was Laura Mercier and only because it was an Asian girl who did my eyes!

xAx said...

These so called 'makeup artists' suck, i don't know anyone who has ever walked away with the look they want - smokey eyes turns into woman of the night, a natural look equates to three layers of foundation, base, shimmer, and pressed powder.....

I don't wear makeup, i'm normally up out of bed, fed, showered and dressed within about half an hour (if i'm lucky) so not really an option. I would love to have a smokey eye and be advised about how to do it, something reminiscent of the AW catwalks. I don't want any makeup on the rest of my face, just the i can dream..... Let me know if find one with instructions, lol.

Joanna Goddard said...

i know exactly what you mean! i always try to find someone who doesn't have much make-up on herself, since i figure she might take it easy on me, too! xo

up and down town said...

the last time someone got makeup on me, i wasted the rest of the day rushing across town to get home, straight for my bathroom, to scrub it off.
it wasn't what you wanted, but your eyes actually look pretty cool.
the smoky when you learn the secrets!

A-Okay said...

hey! i feel your pain with the makeup counter ladies. they always go overboard because well, they just LOVE makeup.

smokey eyes are really easy, you can master them at home!! the easiest way i've found for a daily smokey eye is doing this:

Line your eyes with a smudgeable kohl liner, my favorite is this:
Lancome Kohl eyeliner in brown (or black if you prefer).

Just draw it on thick at the lash line, then blend the line into the lash line and soften up with this:

its that easy!!

if you want to make it more cat eye, layer it on thicker on the outside. and blend like a "V" around the outside corners of your eyes.

to make it last all day, start off with this as the base:

three tools that will give you perfect, easy smokey eyes. not sparkly at all and totally cool looking. hope you like!