Sunday, August 10, 2008


(scan by aliensexfriend on tfs)

i just bought the new paris vogue and i'm quite enamored with this belt. i think its the first gucci piece i've actually been interested in. of course it's like $1200. xax- are these the cartier sunglasses you said you're obsessed with? if so, i love them! they remind me of those chloe's with the leather trim.

Gucci Belt 2
$1195 available on

Gucci belt 1
this one is kinda cool too. $680.

i think these belts just remind me of my love for the heavy (and sharp!- i was trying it on at holt renfrew once and it cut me and made me bleed!) gold balenciaga belt from a few seasons ago...this is one of those pieces that i will scoop up if i find it on ebay for a reasonably discounted price.

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-h of candid cool said...

i loved that balenciaga belt when i 1st saw it too