Friday, August 22, 2008

ebay finds: claireinc*

i'm supposed to be saving money for tokyo, so i really shouldn't be pining over things on ebay. here are two faaabulous vintage finds that i wish i could buy. they're from the same seller: claireinc*

bid on vintage sheer mini dress: current bid AUS$102.50

bid on vintage blazer: current bid AUS$112.50


sheepbombs said...

what is it exactly in tokyo that you were planning to see? i was just there last june and i was bored to tears. it's just shopping - but it's nothing special. hongkong is better by far. my aunt went to tokyo last month in a shopping tour - she didn't enjoy it that much.

also went to kyoto and all they have there are temples - which really start looking the same after you see 2.

while in japan we stayed in the grand hyatt tokyo, park hyatt tokyo and hyatt regency kyoto. the one in kyoto had a small room with no bathroom door. there's a crowne plaza there - you might want to try that. they tend to be cheaper but not as gross as holiday inns.

kirstie said...

claireinc's auctions always end really, really high. but so far it's the only aus ebay store with really high quality vintage clothing. i'm gutted!

Anthea said...

That shear dress is fab! Saving, I hope you get the dress. (ps there is always credit card right?)

xAx said...

How exciting about Tokyo, you should try and save your money i'm having to do the same for my impending trip to Paris, yes voyage deux, it will be worth it. I can't wait for your pics they're gonna be magic. When you off? I know someone who lived out there, i'll see if she can tell me any cool 'off the beaten' tracks places you can visit.

Stephanie said...

sheepbombs- i am sorry you did not have a fun time in tokyo.

kirstie- i can tell they were all going to end very high! beautiful selection though and pretty photography too.

athea- didn't buy it!

xax- i'm trying to save money! we leave sept 30. that would be great if you could get some tips from your friend!

-h of candid cool said...

that tux and that top are quite good

Fashion Is Poison said...

that blazer is so perfect!