Monday, July 28, 2008

robot love

i have put off posting this because i wanted to do the cutest little robot in the world some justice, though i'm not sure if i did. i hope it makes you want to see the movie though!

when i was little i had an obsession with the robot from the movie short circut. i think partly it was because the character in the movie that discovers/saves johnny-5 is named stephanie. that year all i wanted for christmas was a robot!

well, when jon found some clips and trailers for wall-e about a year ago, i was sooo beyond excited for this movie and its cute little robot.

we went and saw it last weekend (well now that i'm finally posting this- it was about 3 weeks ago!) and it was fantastic! the animation was so great. i love the character and his fascination with everyday, mundane objects. i warned jon that i might cry. i don't know why, but i had a feeling this little robot would be tugging at my heart strings. i came close, but no waterworks. i wish wall-e was real and i could take him home with me and we could be pals. after debating the dog situation, we are seriously considering buying the remote control wall-e robot (it probably won't happen). i'm trying to convince jon to see it again in theatres (actually i'm trying to convince anyone to see it again with me!), i am considering buying the game for ps3, and i will definitely be buying this movie on blu-ray when it comes out. best movie of the summer.

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Cindy said...

hey!i enjoy reading your blog--just had to comment about wall-e. it IS adorable, isn't it? I actually did have a little tear in my eye (for some reason, when they were "dancing" in space) and I laughed louder and more than any of my nieces/nephews.