Sunday, July 20, 2008

limi feu

i discovered 'limi feu' by limi yamamoto (yohji's daughter) at cielo blu in san francisco. i guess if i was really paying attention to paris fashion week, i would have seen her debut there. she has had her line since 2000, showing it at tokyo fashion week until the current fall collection which was shown at paris fashion week. you can definitely see yohji's influence, but it has a much younger feeling to the collection. the images above are from her spring collection.

the owner of cielo blu showed me a bag and some accessories from her line that were just amazing-a bag in particular. similar to the one above but more in the shape of a bum bag/fanny pack.

You can see a video from where limi talks a bit about her line and shows some pieces. i love the pieces she chooses to show- that long draped jacket and printed dress are to die for. i love her answers to tim blanks' questions too. below are some pictures from her fall 2008 collection.

limi feu
villa hase 1f 6-6-11 jingumae
shibuya-ku, tokyo
zip 150-0001

limi feu
crecer daikanyama 1f 7-4 daikanyama-cho
shibuya-ku, tokyo
zip 150-0034

(images from, the fashion spot)

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AM said...

Aw, thanks for this post. I love Limi Yamamoto. I first saw her in a story in Elle or Vogue back in 2000/2001-ish and I knew I'd love her stuff but it was so hard to find anything on her back then. I'm so happy she's gaining so much more attention now. And I respect her for using older models in her shows.

But as much as I love her designs, I love her personal style most of all!