Thursday, July 24, 2008

apc fall 2008

APC Fall 08APC Fall 08APC Fall 08

i was very pleased to see apc fall 2008 was up this morning when i opened my email. it cheered me up from a rough day yesterday. i really like the look they went with for fall, though i admit not all of it is my style, but i like looking at it. there were at least a few pieces i might be interested in this season, compared to the spring season where i only bought one piece, and that was on sale a few weeks ago! i still have to share that here. anyway, here are my favorite things from the fall collection online.

APC Fall 08
i love parkas. especially with shearling or faux shearling. $550

APC Fall 08
a nice simple grey cardigan. $195

APC Fall 08
i kind of like the idea of this dress, though i think it might be a bit too prissy for me. i'll have to see it in person. $285

APC Fall 08
again with the too prissy. this is not something i could see myself wearing, but who knows- maybe i will surprise myself. $230

APC Fall 08
these crepe soled suede boots are fantastic. $380

APC Fall 08
cute plaid belt. $120

APC Fall 08
weekend bag. $230


mapetiteamy said...

Gha! This stuff is gorgeous!

erica said...

a big Yes to the parka! i also like the dresses, but agree that they might be too prim and proper. the only way to find out is to try it on, i guess.

i am definitely getting the yellow peacoat, unless, of course, it doesn't fit the way i'd like it to.

i really love the fall collection so much more than their spring designs...

Luce said...

if you get a chance, you should order a mail catalogue from a.p.c, i got mine the day before the collection was online and i live in New Zealand! The men's collection is too cute, and i love that sailor coat too. mmm nautical.

Top bird said...

Mmmm, the skinny plaid belt looks perfect for Fall.

The parka gets a big tick from me, too. xx

Stephanie said...

erica- i saw your post! the yellow peacoat would look great on you. i'm glad their fall collection is looking stronger.

luce- i do usually get the catalog, but we are in between homes right now so i am not getting my mail right away unfortunately. i love the look of that sailor coat but i fear it might look too costumey on me!

top bird- i'm thinking about doing a diy plaid belt with a belt kit from the sewing store...

Shay said...

some lovely pieces. This post really gets me thinking about fall and autumn colour palettes. Thanks!

tokyobanhbao said...

what a collection!... i love the sailor jacket!!!