Wednesday, June 18, 2008

san fran tips?

i will be heading to san francisco with my mom for a much needed vacation in july. obviously i'm in research mode, so if anyone has any little-known tips or great places to eat and shop in the city, i'm all ears! i already have a ton of places to visit (stores mostly) but i always feel paranoid that i will miss something...


Cotton Wool said...

I love that SF poster, I think I need it ... have fun in SF!

for stores (I'm sure some of these overlap with what you already have on your list, but just in case ..)
- Nida (lots of Isabel Marant)
- Cotton Sheep (women and children clothing imported from Japan)
- Modern Appealing Clothing M.A.C (Margiela, Zero)
- Cielo (Dries, Ann D, Yohji)
- Cielo Blu (Y's, MM6, Vanessa Bruno)
- Gimme Shoes

As for restaurants, some suggestions:
- Firefly
- Suppenkuche
- Blue Bottle Coffee (the best, IMO)
- Roses (excellent breakfast)
there are too many good restaurants to name really ...

Violetwired said...

you will love it. I found the book "San Francisco As You Like It" by Bonnie Wach quite useful to research my trip (it's offbeat), though I found this book in a thrift shop in Oregon on the drive down, so not sure how readily available it is now. The one touristy thing that's actually worth the money is Alcatraz.

tiffany... said...

telegraph hill is so fun and amazing!
and pelote linens is a lovely little shop in that neighborhood!

danielle said...

make sure you go to the mission district for a mission-style burrito, they are sooo good. i recommend la tacqueria on mission st.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for all your suggestions! (And keep 'em coming!) I can't wait to go. I'm looking forward to trying lots of restaurants, and checking out a few stores. What places do you suggest to hit in Golden Gate Park? The Japanese garden sounds promising...

Drunk Painter said...

A delicious restaurant, which is pure SF, is Greens. Have you heard of the label Hengst? You might like them too. They have a cute shop.

Heather said...

Ooh!You must go to Louis' on Point Lobos ave for lunch. It doesn't matter if it's foggy or sunny, the view of the ruins of sutro baths is amazing. It's up the block from the cliff house and the walk around that area is great. Great views of the beach and Louis' food is to die for, plus if you eat to much you can take a walk around land's end & see great views of the golden gate bridge.

Also down in the marina/cow hollow area I recommend Abigail's bakery&cafe. Even if you just pop in for a bag of her cookies or muffins it's well worth the trip&the neighborhood is great.

Enjoy your trip!(I also second the burrito idea, they are a must)


E. said...

Papalote in the Mission for Mexican food. [:

There are cool shops in the Mission, Noe Valley (24th street, not far away from Mission), PacHeights along Fillmore has lots of shops, and Hayes Valley!

Hayes St. has Gimme Shoes, Flight 001, Dish, and super hip stores, oh stop by Paxti's if you want good pizza. [: They also have Rag COOP in Hayes but I think they're closed right now due to some renovations.

If you want to jump in with the tourists too, there's Powell St. in Downtown. He he, you know want to stay out of the crowd. Just kidding. [:

All in all, the neighborhoods I mentioned are good. Ooops, don't forget to visit Rare Device, Doe (Lower Haight).

erin lynne said...

i'm not sure what you are interested in seeing while in sf. but when i used to live there here's some of my favorite things to do:
eat at ananda fuara (best vegetarian food in the city)
eat at golden era (best asian food in the city & my personal favorite restaurant
hang out at golden gate park! must sees: hippie hill, the horseshoe pits, the tea gardens & the bison
the exploratorium (so incredibly fascinating - if you go give yourself as much time as possible because there is so much to see & do there & i have never had enough time to do it all)
haight st is nice for thrifting/vintage clothes but don't expect it to be what it was in the 60s because it's just a tourist trap now
aunt charlies lounge (best bar/club in all of sf in my opinion. if you go there either take a taxi or if you walk take pepper spray.)
popscene & rickshaw stop are nice (but boring & way too hipster) clubs

don't know if that helps but that's my guide to sf.