Friday, June 20, 2008

pixie market

i discovered pixie market a while ago but kind of forgot about it. i really like some of their offerings. most are quite well priced and from little-known or independent designers making them somewhat unique.

i really really like the pleat detail on this rekiem dress $105

this tutu blu dress is so amazingly cool! i love the rope details. i want this badly. $448

asymmetric stripe t-shirt by hope $126

love love love this look. jodhpur pant from orphan $189

maybe a good summer cover-up contendor? $189 from hope


thesearchforchic said...

The tutu dress is truly exquisite. So many details..

I love your choices...the jodphurs are inspiring, perhaps I should dye my Zara ones black. I do find beige tricky to wear..

erin said...

ooh lots of cute stuff - thanks for sharing!

Wendy said...

The clothes have such stunning silhouettes!

timber said...

Excellent blog! I stumbled across this have great taste in clothes and art. =)

fawn lust said...

I love the grey draped t-shirt with those jodhpurs. that's the kind of thing I feel like I spend a lot of time searching for totally in vain, when I go shopping.

The Vancouverista said...

where is pixie market? i really am in love with the shows in the last image

Ragamala said...

love love love the first dress. The hot pink and gray combo is so hot!

Lee Jones said...

the first dress is so simple yet really interesting.

the bottom pictures sandals are super cool.

these outfits are great : )

Raiment Urbane said...

I love the fisrt dress.
The hot pink & grey make a great combination.

Josie said...

Thanks for sharing your style - some of the stuff you find seems like something you would want to keep a secret!!

Like these!!

What is this 'PIXIE MARKET'????
Online store hopefully!!! I love their stuff!!

Stephanie said...

oops- forgot to include a link.

I love the first dress too. At first I was just drawn to the pleating and how it alters the stripe pattern. But the colour has grown on me too. I definitely don't have anything pink in my wardrobe at the moment!

Mary Liu said...

I love the shoes on the 4th picture! the one with the "sold out on it"...
you got great taste by the way!
And it is an amazing blog by the way!
there are really nice stuff!!
and, i wanted to ask you, i am a really serious shoes addict! and it seems that you've got loads of them too! - tell me, how do you keep them? how is your "shoe wardrobe"?:)