Tuesday, June 10, 2008

long waistcoat + komakino

Kate Moss YSL

i've wanted a long-ish waistcoat for a while. it seems like a great layering piece to just throw on over a simple t-shirt or top. i bought a couple inexpensive ones a few years ago but got rid of them because they weren't quite right. i love the way the ysl one above is more of a sleeveless blazer. and that wide lapel is very cool.

we had a short stop at komakino this past weekend where i tried on a mens number (n)ine tuxedo style waistcoat that was quite perfect. it had a satin shawl collar. i like looking at komakino for myself because many of the labels cater to very slender fits that work well for me. also, the store is not pretentious at all, unlike many 'high end' and 'avant garde' boutiques. campbell, the owner, is very nice and helpful and we often chat about the genius of rick owens while i browse.

i like to support stores like that rather than ones with bitchy sales people who don't give me the time of day because i am not an old-moneyed middle aged woman decked out in chanel*. i had a run-in with a horrible woman at holt renfrew the last time i was there and i had to restrain myself from cursing at her. actually, as of late, i have had quite bad luck with ridiculously unhelpful, unknowledgeable and useless customer service whether from brick and mortar stores or online stores.

anyway, enough with the complaining.
some other beautiful things komakino had were from julius, the viridi-anne and rick owens

julius cardigan

the viridi-anne belt. i've been lusting after this for a while but $600 for a belt is a wee bit out of my price range.

half and half ann demeulemeester t-shirts. love these.

damir doma transparent bomber. transparencies are another thing i would like to dabble in once i get my sewing machine back.

rick owens sneakers.

raf simons astronaut sneakers

sak lace-ups

*i don't have anything against old-moneyed people, middle aged people, or chanel. i am just talking about the stereotypical woman that certain sales associates kiss the arses of and just dying to help so they can put into practice their fake 'rich' accent.


thesearchforchic said...

MY GOD. The patent raf Simons sneakers are just out of this world cool. If I saw someone on the street wearing those I would faint. Those are gorgeous, sometimes I wish I was born a man. This is one of those times.. they just would not look as right on a girl.

The waistcoat idea is very cool, love the Yves Saint Laurent one.

I think SA sometimes just want you to treat them badly that's only what makes them give good service. I have not really experienced anything bad, but I think perhaps UK is quite good I always seem to hear horror stories from other places..

What happened at holt renfrew, I'm curious now. :)

AM said...

Ugh, rude salespeople are the worst. I don't know how many times I decided NOT to buy something I really liked just because I was getting bad service and, conversely, how many times I bought something I was on the fence about just because I was getting good service. I'm not asking for the world. Just being considerate makes a big difference.

erica said...

that cardigan is fantastic (and way out of my league, alas!).

louis boston has terrible customer service, which makes me sad. i have to scout the building for someone to let me into the dressing room. no wonder i buy so many things online nowadays!

looks like impulse is having its summer sale in a few days...

Stephanie said...

sfc- I loooove those raf sneakers. One of the many times I wish I was a man so I could pull them off!

am- me too. totally turns me off. there are a few places (online and in person) that I will not return to because of their horrible customer service. I'd rather give somebody else my money.

I really don't ask for much from sales people! Most of the time I want to be left alone, but if I do have a question I expect some courteousness. I can excuse a certain level of ignorance. It often happens that I know more about the products than they do, but I cannot excuse rudeness and snobbery.

Instead of sharing more of my naughty list, here are some great examples of excellent customer service I have personally encountered: Impulse and Blackbird in Seattle, Jonathan + Olivia, Komakino and Roden Gray in Vancouver, Comme des Garcons Fragrences and Printemps in Paris, and all the purchases I've made on Etsy.

Stephanie said...

erica- anything you're going after at their sale? there is an acne dress and isabel marant top I hope will go on sale.

erica said...

heheh, i've been compiling my list. let's see...

acne browse dress
opening ceremony grey suede oxfords
mayle lily dress
mayle nieves blouse
and those isabel marant wedges.

the odds of me actually getting any of these, especially since none of them are technically on my list, are slim. but i'm so happy that impulse is online finally. it makes shopping for sales so much easier.

Stephanie said...

Nice. I'm curious how the online sale will go... I'm sure a lot of Impulse shoppers will be fighting for the same things... I'm just bummed I can't make it down there in person this weekend. I have a gigantic work project due and a wedding to go to on saturday! Work and person life always getting in the way of shopping! haha..

agoandiga said...

I am a stay at home mother of two young children, and now dress mostly in jeans and valenkis, but God, your blog makes me regret the day I sold all my Demeulemeester and Helmut Lang on Ebay (sometime around the time I figured out that my darling baby leaves milk stains all over my black). Thank you for reminding me that shoes and little dresses are still important.

As for retail... I worked a lifetime for Gravity Pope (the original store in Edmonton) and never could get along with the Holt Renfrew sales staff. Probably because, at the time, my slouchy Margiela tops, were just not "rich" enough for such establishments. It's too bad that HR is a necessary evil sometimes (where else in Edmonton can you buy Marni?).

Komakino, my old friend (Jon) works there. I think he is in some of your Komakino post photos. He's the best sales around.

Heidi said...

Oh my goodness...those rick owens sneaks are killing me. Could you tell me where I could find some of those for myself, in a brick-and-mortar, or online? I Googled him, but I didn't have much luck deciphering.....

Great blog, I'm a fan. :)

Heidi said...

Umm, hello? I just realized the complete stupidness of my question! Please forgive me, I can find them at komakino, obviously...hehe....gonna have to see if they carry my size though.

Still a fan of your blog...hehe...