Thursday, June 26, 2008

engrish + food happenings


we explored the crystal mall food court in burnaby the other week and it's pretty much as awesome as any other asian mall in richmond or vancouver. i love the spelling errors the most. i ended up getting a bowl of udon which was delicious of course. i haven't had egg balls/waffles (called different things depending on the place!) in so long. it's one of my favorite things to get at the night market or aberdeen center in richmond. they were pretty sub par here. the best ones are at aberdeen center.

i have another food post coming because we ate at guu last night after jon picked me up at the airport. we've been eating out a lot because of our housing situation. we had bin 941 last weekend which was sooooooo beyond good. unfortunately they were out of sangria, so i had a glass of wine (red) which was very uncharacteristic (i'm not a wine drinker, except in sangria) but i actually enjoyed it. they seriously need to reconsider the music in that place, though the yummy food distracted me enough to ignore it. i forgot to take pictures because i was way too hungry and excited about my favorite dish: cinnamon chili rub texas flank steak, maple syrup chipotle glaze, black pepper pommes frites. seriously. sooo good.


Melissa said...

Dude! I've been wanting bubble waffle SOOO freakin' badly! But no where in Victoria has them, or even knows what it is!!

I'm envious that you at least got some...sub par or not!

Stephanie said...

I've actually been trying to find where to buy a bubble waffle iron!! I want to make my own! Except I would probably make myself sick, because I would make them every day.

They did not do the Aberdeen Center ones justice. Nobody beats Tim!

erica said...

what are bubble waffles? god, it really stinks living in new england, you miss out on all the good asian food.

thesearchforchic said...

Foooooood!!! <3 <3

I am hungry.. going to have some ramen later this evening.. I love food posts. ;)

Stephanie said...

erica: check this picture out on flikr- they are from the exact dessert place i get them from too! tim IS the best. i tried to take a picture with him once but he wasn't having it.