Saturday, June 28, 2008

beach day

Beach Day

finally it's starting to get warm. we went to a beach today to relax. i was hoping to find crabs and little sea creatures, but there were no tide pools at this beach. i scavenged the beach for specimens while jon read.

Beach Day
finally sandal weather! time to get a bit of sun on my pale skin! (not without spf 60 though! haha)

Beach Day


Beach Day

Beach Day

i hope everyone is enjoying some sun this weekend!


K.B. said...

great sandals! looked like you picked up quite the seashell collection :)

erica said...

looks gorgeous out there! it sounds like you're having a lovely weekend. i'm laying low this weekend, staying out of the sun, trying to work. your photos make for a nice mini-vacation, though!

Joanna Goddard said...

how lovely! glad you had a good time.

Graziella said...

great pictures and the weather seem really lovely. also, your sandals i like ;)