Friday, May 16, 2008

stella mccartney lingerie

i love stella mccartney's new lingerie collection. it looks well made and well-designed with a bit of a vintage influence- especially the "eve" set above ($150 for the brassiere and $52 for the thong) i hate the word thong- you'd think we could come up with a better name than that. the collection appears quite popular as most of the sizes are sold out on net-a-porter. not all the styles list the fiber content, but i was surprised when a few did and they were synthetic. i guess it is hard to avoid with underpinnings such as these, but i thought stella would figure out a way to bring organics or at least natural fibers into this collection (100% silk even?) pretty anyway.

"coco" $150 and $65

"eve" $140 and $65

"jessica" $130 and $55


c.lorraine said...

You're right, they are lovely. I especially love the sheer fabrics! So delicate!

Gazella said...

no way.! where can we get a pair of those!? in vancouver?

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure gazella- I guess if anyone would have it Holt's would. I don't have high hopes though- their hosiery and lingerie section isn't the most impressive. I wish they would carry Princess Tam-tam. Their lingerie is so cute!

Charponnaise said...

I would have thought, given her vegan stance on fashion [no leather] that Stella would avoid silk altogether [silkworm, no? can silk be manufactured artificially? If so, my mistake], but I saw some of her lingerie in Selfridges today and part of it was 95% silk.