Friday, May 16, 2008

skull love

i love skulls. i don't care if people say they're 'over' or 'old' or whatever. they're kind of classic to me-they have to be done right obviously. the bijoux de sophie skull necklace jon got me for valentines day has become my new go-to necklace. i would love to get one in white too- especially with the pearl-like beads.

this ring recently caught my eye on notcot. its made from ceramic (yay!) by a comapny called mixko. only £ 23 with international shipping.

even though alexander mcqueen's skull scarves have been such a fad/trend, played-out by many celebrities and knock-offers, i still like the idea of them. the grey and white version is quite nice.

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-h of candid cool said...

the ceramic skull ring is gorgeous