Friday, May 16, 2008

shoe review: k. jacques agopos

Shoe Review 4

shoe review! today i wore my k.jacques sandals for the first time out of the house (besides the other day where i wore them to walk to the mail box) i decided to review them for erica and anyone else who is thinking of buying k.jacques sandals or who has sensitive feet like i do!

first of all, these are narrow. i have quite narrow feet and they fit mine like a glove. wide feet beware- you will not get them into these sandals.

a feature i particularly like on these is how many holes there are on the ankle strap. i have pretty slender ankles and usually have a hard time with ankle straps that are too loose. no problem with these- there are about 10 holes in the strap and i didn't even have to cinch it to the end!

the inner sole is pretty comfortable while walking, and they are not slippery to walk on pavement. the toe brace didn't rub against my first and second toe at all. i did notice that the heavy stitching on the sole did bother my heel a bit after walking in them, but not to the extent that it might give me a blister. this particular model has a unique back to it that criss-crosses. it fit my right foot perfectly, but my left foot had some discomfort with the straps digging into it. the digging in lessened after about 5 minutes of walking, so maybe it's something that just needs to be stretched out over time/worn in.

**EDIT: i wore them again to get dinner and it's not the topstitching that rubs, its where the heel strap connects to the sole.

Shoe Review 2

Shoe Review 1

Shoe Review 3Shoe Review 5
(sorry about the gross heel pics)

on a scale of 1-10 (1 being barbed wire and 10 being clouds) purely based on comfort, i would rate the k.jacques a healthy 7.5 or 8. points taken off for the rubbing on my heel and the strap digging in. i wouldn't go on a long hike in these, but they would be appropriate for shopping for the better part of the day where walking is required.


Carlene said...

Wow, thanks for the very detailed review! I'd love a pair of these, in the exact style you have. Sadly, yours is the only pair like this I've seen on the internet, where I do all my shopping. I need to go to Paris, don't I?

Stephanie said...

thanks carlene! they do have an online store: they also used to sell these at store like bergforfs and saks but i'm not sure if they do anymore.

erica said...

thanks for the review! i guess i won't be able to buy a pair because i have wide birkenstock feet. sigh.

they look awesome on you, even with the heel digging (hopefully your feet will get used to the leather soon).

i guess i'll have to keep looking for the perfect pair of dressy but casual sandals...

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Stephanie said...

aww erica- that's too bad. hopefully you will find something that works for you. i'll keep my eyes open for something similar. have you tried the apc madras sandals? they have a similar aesthetic to the k.jacques and they're a bit more affordable too...

Bex said...

The shoes look cool.

thesearchforchic said...

WOW these shoes are so amaaaaaazing.. I am drooling here.. what is the style called?

They are so laidback and cool. Great buy.

Btw, I love your blog. I'm linking you.

Stephanie said...

They are called the agopos. Thanks for the link! Love your blog too.

Joanna Goddard said...

oh you poor thing! i hate shoes that do that. still, they look really beautiful.

Stephanie said...

they weren't too bad. i come to expect that with my feet's track record.

alysha said...

I've been wearing those same sandals, only in the tan color all summer and the heel thing didn't last long. They are so so comfortable. I just feel like I shouldn't wear them as much as I do because they were so damn expensive. but at the same time, got to get my moneys worth you know.