Thursday, April 17, 2008

sofa love

all i can think about is our potential new house(s) and what imaginary furniture i would fictionally purchase to fill it. i'm very in love with this gus modern sectional. i love the tufting on the cushions, the proportions and the soft grey colour. i want i want! i'll have to see if our local gus stockist has it in store for me to try out. that could be bad though- i may want it even more after seeing it in person!


erica said...

i love that it is so sleek, and yet all i want to do is throw down a fluffy pillow and take a nap on it.

i wish i had at least 3 living rooms, just so i could buy more sofas.

Stephanie said...

i hope it's comfortable!

I love sofas too. And chairs. I think chairs are the same as jeans for me- I just can't have enough!

erica said...

have you seen it yet? i am obsessed with chairs, too. i really need a bigger house for all of my books and chairs. a walk in closet would be nice, too!

Stephanie said...

No, I've been too busy to go take a look yet... I saw the Atlantico bed i've been lusting over in person a few weeks ago and I'm totally obsessed with it! Our potential new home might have a big storage room that I'm going to turn into a walk-in closet!

veny dawson said...

I have a great love to grey sofa. I always want this. It is concerning for me that what can I change in my sofa.