Thursday, April 10, 2008



my new haircut isn't as exciting as i thought it would be. my colour pretty much looks the same as it did before except shinier and no more split ends. my hair isn't thick enough for the amazing fringe i gushed about in my initial post, but my stylist tried his best to give it the same look.

i also got my makeup done today as i was trying to find a new foundation. so i'm feeling especially snappy today. my skin is so pale with pink undertones that a lot of foundations look orange on me, including the crappy one i've been lazily using for the past few months. i finally bought a new one! frickin' expensive though. it better last me a long time. i got giorgio armani shaping cream foundation and high precision retouch concealer and somehow got talked into buying the powder so i could get the free gift with purchase. granted the gift w/purchase is a full size really nice mascara. i've never seen a mascara wand like this- it's really strange but it actually does lengthen and thicken. a product that actually does what it says it does! amazing!

since it was kinda warm out today i decided to wear my new undercover dress. i figured out what to wear under it after some experimentation. last year i bought a mens rick owens ribbed tank top in xs. its super long and is basically a mini dress. it's the perfect underpinning for the sheer black dress.


Undercover lace detail
i love the lace at the bottom- btw it's not metallicy at all, that's just the flash!

Undercover dress back

ps- i have the most amazing post coming up... i'm such a dork and i'm sure nobody will think it's as amazing as i do... but stay tuned for my masterpiece!


Graziella said...

I'm loving the dress Stephanie!You should use it on one of your polyvore sets.

Anonymous said...

i dunno if you've seen this, but thought u might find it interesting. start from episode 1, 1of 4.

and speaking of mascara

erica said...

shiny hair, nice! there's nothing like coming back from the sylists...

i love your use of the rick owens tank top as a slip. the dress looks great on you. i'm a sucker for nice lace...

Anonymous said...

ugh curly hair and straight bangs... you're not pulling it off

Stephanie said...

thanks! love you too anon ;) kisses xoxo