Tuesday, April 8, 2008

new hair


i've finally decided to go and get my hair done. it's gotten to that point where it really needs it. my fringe is all grown out and my colour is looking dull. i'm looking forward to getting my bangs back (loving the girl's on the left! pic from garance doré)but i think i will get a lighter colour than usual. my natural colour is a mousy brown and i usually get it coloured a dark chocolate brown. i think i'll opt for a lighter shade for spring like the model on the right.


erica said...

ooh, this is very exciting! i love her bangs, i wish mine would behave...

the problem with having black hair is that you can't color it in a believable way. i used to have highlights, but people thought it was strange. now i'm very tame when it comes to hair treatments.

i guess i'll live vicariously through you, then!

Anna at D16 said...

I'm going for a major haircut tomorrow evening. Nervous & excited! That's a lovely cut on the left, and I like the blonde, too. I fantasize about going super-pastel like that, but I've been dying my hair black for close to 20 years, and it's a bit terrifying to think about looking THAT different all at once.

Stephanie said...

Erica- it's actually not that big of a change! I used to get really drastic things done when I was younger but now I just like the natural look. My bangs were begging to be cut!

Anna- ooh! MAJOR haircut is exciting! I always fantasize about being blonde, but I don't look good as a blonde so I just shove those thoughts out of my head! When I had black hair (for a long time, but not 20 years long!) I decided to go blonde and was all kinds of orange in between! I felt bad for my poor hair stylist trying his best to give me a human hair colour in between!

erica said...

i think the lighter color will be a nice change. i wish i could change the color of my hair with the seasons, but it always seems so contrived-looking.

my hairdresser has been trying to grow out my bangs, but i keep chopping them in between appointments! i need to learn self-restraint.