Thursday, April 17, 2008

long blazer

Net-a-porter outfit
this has been on my shopping list for a looooong time. i'm really after a long-ish blazer- preferably black. i'm not really actively looking, but whenever i'm in a thrift store i peruse the blazers but everything that is long-ish has such wide shoulders and everything that fits in the shoulders is a cropped style! if i really wanted to apply myself i would make one, because i am capable after all, but i've just been too busy with work and finding a new home. i happened upon one by smythe on net-a-porter, since online shopping is the only kind of shopping i have time for these days. it pretty much fits the bill- i love the contrasted rolled up sleeve- that's what did me in! le sigh.
Smythe blazer


erica said...

the contrast roll-up sleeve is the clincher for me, too. i'm not much of a blazer girl, but this is very very nice!

Anonymous said...

wilfred @ aritzia makes the perfect one