Friday, April 25, 2008

just can't resist

new scarf

i went to a sample/inventory sale this morning. i wasn't going to go. i told myself i wasn't all night and all this morning. but i couldn't resist. i had to know what was there. richard kidd was one of my favorite stores in vancouver (save the inflated prices) so when they closed their store i was sad but also curious what they were going to do with all their unsold merchandise. well my prayers were answered this morning. no 70% off balenciaga bag, but there were some good finds. i left behind a pair of tsubi jeans because i already have enough grey/black-grey jeans and i feel duped when i buy things 'just because' they are on sale. also passed up this fantastic pair of earrings. originally $700 (!!!) going for $150. that's too much for a pair of earrings i don't care what percentage they're on sale!

new scarf
richard kidd ginormous knit tube scarf

new perfume

comme des garcons series 2:red palisander perfume (full size bottle for $35!)

i also got an amazing top that i will post later because i was too lazy to change.

my new used engineer boots
i also received my engineer boots from ebay! they are a bit bulky looking and a teeny bit big for me but i like them and they were cheap. i will miss playing with the bright light coming in from our front entrance when we move.


erica-knits said...

I love the new boots, and the giant scarf!! It's amazing.

erica said...

that scarf is fantastic! although i must confess, it's hard for me to look at wintery things now.

it may only be 60 degrees here, but that doesn't stop me from wearing shorts and sandals. apparently i'm fed up with the cold :)

Gazella said...

so that's what it was! I also went to the sale, and was wondering what that tube was! It looks great on you! I wish I scoped out the jewelry more there, but everything didn't have a price tag. And lucky you for the ebay steal! I've been wanting the Frye Engineer boots for awhile too.

Stephanie said...

the giant scarf I was hesitant about because I know I can knit it, but I determined that the cost of the wool was about the same price as the finished scarf (and it's lined with soft jersey)

erica-I admit I also decided to go to the sale purely because I knew it would mostly be fall clothing which I know I get more use out of then spring/summer stuff! It's still too cold to wear sandals here!

gazella- thanks for posting about the sale on stylefinds! there wasn't a whole lot of jewelry left when I was there. Some girl scooped up the earrings when I was leaving- unfortunately they won't be going to a good home, but oh well!

erica said...

good point about the yarn, stephanie. i often forget just how expensive nice-quality yarn can be (and the skeins really do add up!).

ooh, i see that it's lined with jersey. even better!

am i the only one having hard time decoding the new word verifications? i swear my eyes aren't 'that' bad.

Stephanie said...

i know! i'm having trouble too. some of the fonts are hard to see... i've always wanted glasses though! hehe

la femme said...

love the boots!

editor said...

that tube scarf is so fantastic!

willtradebikeforwomen said...

richard kidd i missed you!