Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day

since today is earth day i thought that it would be fitting that i talk a bit about the environment, which is something i am quite passionate about and wish i could incorporate more into my career one day. i find it a struggle to be interested in fashion and also the environment. i do not want to talk about my viewpoint on these two subjects and how i feel they do or do not interconnect, so i will just share with you some things i have taken action on and other i hope to! i hope everyone does something for earth day to make a teeny difference, and i hope nobody buys a hummer today. haha

i try to do my part for the environment. here are some things i do already:
-buy local and organic produce
-buy some organic meat (and try to eat less of it)
-use eco-friendly cleaning products
-use cfl bulbs
-keep the electric heaters off most of the time
-avoid buying bottled water
-religiously recycle
-buy vintage clothing before new (although sometimes its hard to resist- buying clothing is definitely a hard habit to break)
-use the car as little as possible
-use some organic and natural skincare products
-buy 100% post-consumer recycled printing paper
-re-use paper (i print on both sides if it is a proof or if just for my personal use)
-cut down our plastic bag consumption by probably 95% (use reusable grocery bags)
-wash clothes in cold water, sometimes warm
-use energy star washer and dryer, with high efficiency biodegradable soap
-hang dry some clothing (more hang drying in the summer)

i'm sure there are some more...

some other things that i would like to do in the future are:
-help with a beach/park/etc clean-up
-start a compost
-figure out a way to collect grey water to use for watering plants, etc.
-shop more at local farm markets- there is one this weekend i hope to go to!
-eat less meat
-find a way to utilize alternate energy sources (particularly solar and wind power)
-buy biodegradable plastic trash bags
-become involved with sustainable fiber production promotion
-become active in reducing business environmental impact (i worked at a kids store a year and a half ago and became so livid that they didn't recycle- i created bins for recycling paper especially, and would constantly have to rifle through the garbage separating half-drunk cans from paper and other trash- sorry, personal rant!) i would like to find a way to promote recycling and common-sense environmental practices in businesses.
-research and find out where other type of plastic can be recycled in the city
-buy less in general
-look into purchasing carbon credits for my air travel
-grow my own herbs (i'm not sure this will work because i kill every plant i touch)
-buy a bike
-have a dual flush toilet

again, i'm sure there are some more things i would like to do but can't think of...

here are some good websites i visit to stay informed and some that sell organic/earth friendly products.

david suzuki foundation
organic consumers association
green maven
how to compost
good work canada- green jobs
eat local- farmers markets in vancouver

preserve products
greenworks building supply in vancouver
feel more human
green loop
cocos shoppe

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fleur_delicious said...

re: herbs, try starting with a nice rosemary plant. I plant in simple compost mix, place in a full-sun location (4+ hours/day) and water daily or every other day until the rain starts. It's my never-fail plant, and great to cook with! I also find that "English Wedgewood" thyme will thrive under same conditions.

good luck!