Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ebay find: marni sandals

every season i love the shoes that marni comes out with. they're quirky and modern but always feel down to earth in a way. these are a fantastic pair in size 38.5.

bid on them: current bid $275


Anonymous said...

hi please be careful, they might be fake. have seen this model (and a chloe one which looks similar) all over ebay!!

la femme said...

those look super comfy.

Stephanie said...

oh really? thanks for the heads up! I usually like to buy really expensive shoes in person anyway to make sure they fit...There are another pair of Marni shoes I want (the ones with the perspex layer) that I used in my Polyvore grouping... I will have to be extra careful if I buy them on ebay, but I'm guessing that layer of perspex is hard to knock off.