Monday, March 31, 2008

one happy girl

What's in the bag?
whatcha got in that bag?

What's in the box?

whatcha got in that box?


ta-da! my new foot love!

Love my new shoes!

Love my new shoes!

Love my new shoes!

jon and i stopped in at one of my favourite stores here, jonathan + olivia, on sunday heading back from buying groceries and an unsuccessful attempt at going to see a loft/condo. it was super busy but i happened to notice that they got in the acne shoes i've been lusting after. i didn't get a chance to try them on, but my apprehensions about the shoes (i was concerned that the leather might be too stiff) were proved wrong. They were nice and buttery soft. I was going to buy them off acne's website because they would end up being a bit cheaper, but they sold out of size 37 which I found out I needed today. usually i'm a 38 but was sliding all around in them when i tried them on. i wanted to be sure they would look good with dresses so i tried them on with what i think was this zero maria cornejo dress.

zero maria cornejo s08

i am so happy with them, i just have to decide which polish colour...

What polish?

oh- and i'm banned from buying anything until i pay these off, so no tangerine jeans for me.


erica said...

ooh, they look great on you! i admit, i was feeling a bit skeptical, but you pull them off wonderfully.

that dress is gorgeous. i had a hard time pulling myself away from it while in nyc. sigh.

Stephanie said...

thanks! I was skeptical too, until I tried them on. I love that dress too! A bit too pricey for me, especially since it is just lightweight cotton, but I do think the print and cut really make it special.

montmarte said...

oh you got them! they look really great!

pippa said...

i wasn't sure if you had bought poupee shoes or real shoes so i came to your blog to see... they look fantastic on you!

Graziella said...

they look so great on you! any polish would do but how about, hot pink? haha! You really have great taste Stephanie. :)

Anonymous said...

ohhh i really want that shoes..could u please post another pictures of u wearing that shoes?

gea said...

how are these working out for you? and how is the sizing? they're so nice, i might have to get a pair as well!