Thursday, March 20, 2008

a.p.c. summer

APC Summer

some new pieces are up on apc's site but i'm still not convinced i'm going to buy any of it this spring/summer. nothing really intrigues me. i think partly it's because i prefer shopping for fall clothing than spring or summer. i like all the layering and textures and boots of fall. i'm sure i'll come around once the weather warms up here.


erica said...

i thought the same thing when i looked at it last night. the yellow floral short dress might be a contender when i go to nyc next week, but i'm really more interested in buying handmade right now.

i loved a.p.c. last spring/summer, even though i prefer fall collections in general. i'll be seriously depressed if a.p.c. goes the way of jcrew and gap. where will i buy my basics if a.p.c. fails me?

Stephanie said...

you're lucky you can visit one of their stores! is the surplus store open in brooklyn yet?

erica said...

yes it is! and i am definitely going there this week! i'm only buying 'old' or handmade clothing for as long as i can last, so i guess past season clothing counts...(i'm making the rules up as i go).