Sunday, February 3, 2008

yellow fever pt.2

Mustard Outfit 1
Mustard Outfit 2
Mustard Outfit 3

i wore my new mustard apc dress the other day with falke black tights, black repetto zizi's and beautag sword and crest necklace (anorak and im handbag not shown) a simple but effective outfit. might i add that my zizi's are even comfortable with existing blisters. simply amazing.


erica said...

great outfit! i'm not much into patent leather, but your zizis look terrific. maybe i'll buy them in matte black. hmmm..

Stephanie said...

yes, i bet the regular leather version is even more comfortable! I'm considering getting a white pair for spring. :) we're such enablers.

erica said...

the white pair is so lovely, but i know i'll get them filthy dirty in about 2 hours! i can't seem to find the regular black online right now, but maybe stores are restocking them.

apparently serge gainsbourg went through 30 pairs a year!

so much for saving money. oh well!

Stephanie said...

haha yes I bet I would get the white pair dirty in about 5 seconds. I scuffed my black ones a few times within the first 5 minutes of wearing them. Luckily it was along the side so it's not really noticeable.

30 pairs?! wow. I didn't know that.

Graziella said...

i love your shoes and your whole outfit/look is great...