Monday, February 25, 2008

paris is here!

finally the paris shows! ny was okay, london and milan meh, but now i have something to lust over. rick owens and yohji and isabel, oh my!

work is craaaazzy right now. i just got back from a presentation/meetings in calgary and the amount of stuff i have to do in two weeks is ridiculous and inhumane. i don't know how it's all going to get done.

i haven't got a chance to look at much from paris yet- even my precious nicolas has been put on the back burner!

i'm trying to avoid the fashion blogs because i want to look at the shows without any prior knowledge.

i took a look at the isabel marant show on the slow-ass calgary hotel internet connection and here are my picks...

Isabel Marant F08 1Isabel Marant F08 2

Isabel Marant F08 3Isabel Marant F08 4

Isabel Marant F08 5Isabel Marant F08 6

i need to figure out how to attach a shoulder strap onto my isabel marant bag!


Joanna Goddard said...

i LOVE that top dress on the left. beautiful!

xo joanna

Stephanie said...

I love that dress too! I like how the sleeves fall. The last pic is also a favorite- that coat is fabulous!

Field Trip said...

Just back from Paris last night. Photos can't do justice to how amazing the Isabel Marant pieces are in person.

Stephanie said...

oh how I miss paris!! So jealous you got to see the new pieces!