Friday, January 25, 2008

silver sneakers

i had a half day off yesterday so i was able to go out and get some things done. i wore the apc dress i bought in paris for the first time with an olive h&m long sleeve tee, grey ribbed tights, a black scarf, and my zara isabel marant look-alike boots - with my apc trench of course because it's still cold here! i'm still trying to figure out the best way to take pictures of myself.


cam-whoring in front of the bright light- i know, i'm a dork.

while i was out i found the silver sneakers at nine west. not only were they on sale, but they had an additional discount of 25%! soldes! soldes! soldes! if you bought two pairs of sale shoes you got an extra 40% off (instead of 25%, which I got) but I didn't see any others I wanted. If they had the gladiator wedges pictured in my other post, I would gladly participate in the additional 40% off. Sales like that are tricky- I know what they're trying to do- they're trying to get me to buy something I don't need or don't want just because of the extra discount. you don't fool me nine west! but thank-you for the cheap shoes.



i don't really like the colour of the laces so I might change them to white.


erica-knits said...

cute shoes, and I love your APC outfit!

erica said...

black and olive, i love that color combination!

Stephanie said...

thanks! I never used to be into long sleeve t-shirts, but now I love to layer with them- it extends my wardrobe so much!

Melissa said...

Steph, I am living vicariously through you...I hope you know that. So when you are in Vegas for the week, I'm gonna go through withdrawls to the outside world!!!!

Stephanie said...

hehe- you're so funny mel. I wish I had a web camera stuck to my head so you could go shopping with me. :)