Friday, January 11, 2008

renovation inspiration

i was really inspired by a recent post at design*sponge showing alyson fox's renovated kitchen. we have plans to renovate our kitchen and were thinking about bright red lacquer/gloss cabinets. i love the way alyson's kitchen uses red cabinets with a combination of wood, carbon metal steel backsplash, exposed shelves and stainless appliances.

with exposed shelves you definitely have to have some nice or interesting tableware. i am really in love with mud australia's ceramic collection. i would pick white, ash (grey) and an occasional safari (olive).

i think they would look great with our new flatware (hint hint!!)


erica said...

the black back splash with the red cabinets and white sink = awesome.

some days i feel like gutting my condo, but then the historian in me says, 'no! no!'

i think she did a great job with her house. hooray for ikea.

plus, she looks fabulous in those highwaisted jeans!

Stephanie said...

i love old architectural details- although we live in a heritage building, it's really just the "shell" that is heritage. everything inside (dividing walls, cabinets, flooring, etc.) is new within the last 10-ish years. i love some of the victorian buildings with all the moulding and little nooks. i definitely wouldn't get rid of those!

Heather said...

I do love all the colors together, red is a great kitchen color, and apparently it's psychologically proven to increase your appetite...