Monday, January 21, 2008

nine west

i don't usually buy expensive shoes for some reason. mostly because i can't afford the ones i like (hello, studded louboutin booties) i think the most expensive ones i own are my alaia ballet flats which i got for 60% off (or else i could never afford them) my shoes are mostly a mixture of vintage (oxfords, riding boots, suede ankle boots), semi-affordable (repetto, frye, rachel comey) and zara or nine west. i've really been loving some of the shoes nine west has to offer lately. i find that they usually fit me quite well and are pretty comfortable, and affordable! they also have really great sales, which is how i got 2 pairs for less than the price of one the last time i bought some there! here's what i desperately want right now:

heathers $89

sulliban $89

heech $93

alvin $82


Carlene said...

You would be surprised at how versatile & wearable silver sneakers are. I wear mine all the time (they're merrell's).

erin said...

i agree, nine west has been making some great stuff in the past few seasons - i saw some nice gladiator sandals the other day. not that it's even close to sandal weather, sigh...

erica said...

cute metallic sneakers!