Saturday, January 19, 2008

abominable bumble

i've been so cold lately that i could really appreciate these pieces for the warmth they would provide. lately i've taken to wearing a fleece blanket as a cape. it will be all over the runway for next fall.

bless mega hood

ann demeulemeester fur scarf

"when's spring?" asks the bumble


erica-knits said...

These make me so happy. It was -30C here yesturday! Brr!

Melissa said...

My house is colder inside than it is outside! Last night I actually had to wear at least 2 hoodies, a scarf, mittens (Inside!!!!), and I had a pink blanket wrapped around me, pashmina-style!! I looked like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man!!

PS: I like the pic of Bumble in the end!

Stephanie said...

i love the bumble! i got a stuffed version for x-mas (along with baby rudolf) i have more stuffed animals than a 10 year old girl! our bedroom is looking embarrassing at the moment.