Friday, December 21, 2007

tannis hegan

while visiting a local boutique lark the other week, i came across the products of tannis hegan. they had her wool and leather duffel bag in two different colours, and i was instantly intrigued. wool always catches my eye, and combined with white leather it becomes almost irresistible. the construction was also thoughtful- special care seems to be taken in the stitching of the tassle on the zipper pull, the choosing of antiqued metal zippers and thick stitches tacking the leather straps to the frame.

tannis hegan bag

tannis hegan bag

tannis hegan bag

Thursday, December 20, 2007


mmkay... all the sales happening around me are getting too much to handle.

i loved these stella mccartney shoes when i first saw them at the beginning of the season (i even loved them in hot pink!) and now they're on sale for $359 down from $595 at intermix. soooooo tempting, especially now that i know i'm getting a christmas bonus (although i don't know how much it is for).

also, i live way too close to jonathan+olivia and i have been avoiding going in for like 3 months (ever since i found out i was going to paris) and now they're having a sale! gah! must resist.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

outfit planning for paris

it dawned on me today that i should start actually planning what i'm going to pack for paris. here's what i've come up with so far. i haven't added any jewelry or accessories selections yet:

t-shirt by mociun
tunic by dace
jeans by a.p.c.
boots by zara
:i need to buy a black long sleeve t-shirt to go under this so my arms won't be cold.

closer up

scarf by me
perfecto by iro
dress by sunner
boots by zara
:black or grey tights will be added so my legs won't be cold

closer up

without jacket
long sleeve jersey turtle neck by made

long sleeve henley by schiesser
short sleeve sweater by humanoid
jeans by a.p.c.
boots by zara

closer up

i was thinking of this outfit for if we go out to dinner somewhere, but i'm not sure.
perfecto by iro
dress by sass and bide
shoes by nine west
:i would add black tights to this look so i don't freeze my legs off

closer up

Monday, December 17, 2007

christmastime is here...

this is as christmassy as our house is going to get this year. we didn't want to get a tree because we will be away for christmas anyway, and also i thought it might be a bit of a fire hazard having a tree sit alone in our house for a week while we're away. i made the stockings out of a nice thick coating-weight wool but never got around to trimming them with recycled fur until this year (another project checked off my list!) i am also in the process of making two grey wool soft trees, but i need to get some embroidery thread to stitch onto them with. also you can see one of my terrariums trying to get some much needed light by being in view of the window.

i wish i had a picture of our christmas tree last year- it was perfect. a slender alpine fir with my homemade black decorations. i spray painted vintage bird ornaments black and hung them with matte white glass balls, little silver bells and white led lights. all topped with a black star. how festive, no? haha.


inspiration board

this is my inspiration board that i attached to the wall behind my desk. i always have little scraps of paper, business cards, inspirational tear sheets from magazines laying about and really needed a place for them to be visible. i was inspired by grace's cork tiles over at design*sponge so i found some of my own and put them up horizontally due to lack of space. i use straight pins to tack things up. i like using pins rather than flat tacks because i can hang things off of them like string and little medallions or what not. an easy project!

inspiration board
you can click on it and then go to :all sizes: to see it bigger.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

when objects work

let the drooling begin. i covet these ceramic bowls designed by belgian vincent van duysen for when objects work. c-o-v-e-t for reals.

vincent van duysen for when objects work

you can find these lovely ceramic bowls in different sizes at rose+radish and belkina

Saturday, December 15, 2007

uniqlo open in paris!

december 14, 2007 uniqlo opens in paris in the la defense area! excellent! i'm so happy it opened on time! i hope they have the jeans i wanted and a few other things, although i realize it is late in the fall season for much to be left of the collection.

17 avenue opéra 75001 (i think) EDIT JAN 6/08- nope! uniqlo is in the quatre temps shopping centre in la defense!




Friday, December 14, 2007

ebay purge

i am deleting everything on my watch list, so here's what i've been watching, in case you have some spare cash to burn:

mayle billie bag. current bid $370

isabel marant blouse. current bid 51euro

a.p.c. top. current bid $14.99

a.p.c. melange scarf. current bid 28pounds

paige russell

i have been lusting over paige russell's ceramics for a while, and she finally has an etsy store! i want one of everything from her spout collection. the tea set is just perfect. i.must.have.

sample sale!

so i went to this sample sale at 11:30am with high hopes and for once i wasn't disappointed. i was able to find the dace dress that i wanted (saw it at eugene choo and impulse) for 60% off retail! I was pretty surprised that they had in-season stuff there, but i wasn't complaining! i was considering buying the scoop neck tunic sweater, but decided against it. so i made it out alive with just one item, and i even felt guilty from that! i shouldn't be buying things for myself when i haven't got all my x-mas gifts sorted out and purchased. shame on me. but who can resist 60% off in-season clothing!? who?! also, why was it so busy? doesn't anyone work anymore? i have an excuse- i work from home and am in between projects right now.

here are some pictures of the dress/tunic i got provided by impulse because i'm too lazy to take a picture of it on myself today.

this one is black, but i ended up getting the grey because the black didn't look as good on me.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

h+m s/s08

i've come to a realization that i have a lot of posts including h+m. but i don't care. here are some of my picks from the sneak peak of their upcoming spring collection via jezebel.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i love felt

today i went down to granville island to get some procion mx dye and soda ash from maiwa, look for beads and get some fruit. i didn't find any of the beads i was looking for, but i did find a beautiful felt cloche-style hat. i have never been much of a hat person, but i really really like this one. unfortunately a hat is not in my budget right now. that being said, i picked up these laser-cut felt placemats! i thought they were a steal at $6 each and they look mildly festive for the holiday season.


Monday, December 10, 2007

home wish list pt.2

home wish list pt. 2: version office.

right now i have a big chunky wood desk that used to belong to my brother. it definitely encourages clutter, in my opinion. it has wide drawers on one side and a narrow cabinet and drawer on the other, so i tend to stash junk under it, and stuff the drawers full of things i don't need. i want to get the parsons table in white from west elm and put all my art supplies in a cabinet*, all my files in these file boxes from see jane work, and my pens, pencils, office supplies in the narrow drawers in the desk. i think this is a great simple desk and would work well anywhere in the house if we move. i already have a great chair- i bought two eames shell chairs off ebay a while ago. i have an olive green armed one with an eiffel base for my desk with a sheepskin draped on it, and a black armless one with an eiffel base for my sewing machine.

i also wanted to pick up a little eames wire table to put my printer on under the desk. i'd love to find a vintage one rather than buying new.

*the cabinet i have right now was a second-hand find. it was super cheap: $35 and i added tapered legs to the bottom. once i got it home the cabinet was in worse condition than i thought. it has chunks out of the veneer and discolouring on the top. i'm not sure on whether to keep it or sell it and get something else. i would love a beautiful long vintage danish credenza, but we don't have the room for it in my office area.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

home wish list

i'm thinking that clothing shopping will be out of my system once we return from paris, so i am want to focus whatever extra funds on sprucing up the house. hence my project progress bars on the left. you can get your own at

i want the grey :pins: sheets, with an :alma: blanket and a :brick: quilt. all from area via design public.

i am also considering a new frame- ikea's malm.

Crate & Barrel Tate Bed
my dream bed is the crate&barrel tate but we would have to get a new mattress too, so it's out of our price range for now.




i love getting pretty treats from bakeries and getting them wrapped up with twine. tonight we will enjoy a lemon tart, chocolate covered macaroon and cranberry ginger cake. also i stopped by one of my favorite boutiques eugene choo which i have been avoiding because i didn't want to be tempted by their perfect selection. i knew i should have stayed far, far away! le sigh. so many things i want! i ended up getting a blue gingham umbrella that i have been wanting forever but couldn't find. at least that is practical. i needed a new umbrella because mine was old and stinky. i will have to keep the images of apc sweaters, dresses, trench coats, dace dresses and other pretty things out of my head.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

completed projects

this is huge for me, because i am the QUEEN of uncompleted projects. my neck warmer scarf thingy is finished. i second guessed myself on the number of stitches though, so it's a bit looser/longer than i think it should be. also i only had one ball of yarn so i just knitted until i didn't have any left. i would have prefered it to be longer so i could scrunch it up more, so i guess i will have to try another one! it only took me an afternoon to complete, which i like. fast projects mean that i won't get distracted and abandon it.

it's really hard for me to take pictures of myself with only my camera and a bookcase, so this is the best i could get of my dress. the shape of the neckline is perfect and it looks great with my leather jacket too!


new project teaser

i started a new project, a christmas gift for a friend of mine. i'm liking the way it's turning out!



i forgot to post pictures of my tererriums! unfortunately it looks like my little fern might be dying, which doesn't surprise me. i can't keep plants alive.


recent acquisitions

i made the trip down to our postal box in the states yesterday to pick up some things jon and i had ordered online. my new schiesser henley from impulse and humanoid sweater from le train bleu coincidentally work together for a monochromatic look.



also, i got these $5 earrings at target!