Friday, November 30, 2007

a shot of colour

i am kind of colour shy when it comes to my wardrobe. most of my closet is black, white, grey, navy/cobalt and a touch of brown. i really loved all the orange in chloe's fall collection, especially this dress. i just discovered this karen walker dress (above) at anica boutique and i love that they have it on a pale girl. i'm probably paler, but i never thought orange would look good on pale skin- too creamsicle, right? well, i guess i'm wrong! my electric blue dress (see post below) will be a step towards colour, but i think an orange or magenta dress needs to be added too!

army jacket

this has kind of been on the back burner, but i'm looking for a military jacket like this a.p.c. one from creatures of comfort above. it has to have the vertical zippers on the chest. i remember back when i didn't want one there were tons of vintage french ones on ebay for $20, but there are none now that i actually want one! perhaps i can find an authentic one at the paris flea markets or vintage stores, or at matières à réflexion, where punky-b got hers embellished with studs (i think?). i'm so going to be stealing that idea!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007



today i happened to be down by jon's work so we had lunch together and checked out the new marimekko store that just opened up in yaletown. dream! tons of fabric, towels, clothing, bags, etc. i had to get these two mugs because we don't have any mugs and i want to make hot chocolate! i want a set of six eventually, and i love the handle-less cups too. i really want to upholster something now too!

marimekko - 1233 hamilton st.

Monday, November 26, 2007


this weekend was technically a "lazy" weekend. we didn't do much, but for myself i consider it a productive weekend. this summer i started drafting a pattern for a dress. i loved this stella mccartney dress but once i saw it in person i hated the fabric that was used! so i decided to make my own. i found the perfect colour fabric, closer to what i thought was on the runway compared to what showed up in stores.

store version

the neckline looks deeper in the store version, and the colour is totally off to me. i made mine to look more like the runway version with a higher neck and the brilliant cobalt blue. well this weekend i finally made a prototype, made the necessary adjustments to the pattern and cut out and assembled the dress. it's just about finished. except for one thing. i had an accident with a seam ripper and now i need some fray-stop. the tear isn't in a visible location, but i was still upset. everything was going so well until that happened! i will post pictures when it's finished. i really like the way it's turning out and it actually fits me quite well! this may be the first thing that i've sewn that i will actually wear.

also, i got some yarn and a circular knitting needle and have started on my neck-warmer scarf. i've been experimenting with length. i think it's too long so i will have to start over.

Friday, November 23, 2007

le h+m



i took the trip back to h+m with my friend to return my cute carry-on bag :( buuut... i found some other things... but at least they are :kind of: things i need. warm things. and they were super cheap. i got a chunky knit hat and arm/hand warmer thingies. i like the way they look under my new leather jacket kind of bunched up (for the record i will not wear them alone! i hate that look! they must be scrunched under something and then removed when the jacket comes off.) and i got some cute hair accessories: metallic hair elastics and cute heart shaped clips.

k. jacques

i was doing more research on paris and found sophia coppola's guide to paris from the new york times and i am sooo happy i did! she shares with us k. jacques, a brand of traditional leather sandals originating in st. tropez in 1933. they make THE most perfect leather sandals in every style you could possibly want. simple, traditional, minimal. there are at least three pairs i am considering when i visit their store in paris. more digging revealed that they are sold at places like saks, net-a-porter and the like, but they are new to me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

new h+m collabo

i was reading jezebel and saw that h+m's next collaboration will be with marimekko. kind of an odd combination to me, but i will be interested in seeing the results.

::update!:: i found pictures at café mode and from the looks of it, it's cute! i love that teardrop print and the way that first outfit is styled!


a lot of stores are having sales this weekend for american thanksgiving, and since i'm not supposed to be spending any money, i thought i would share some discounts with everyone, in case you didn't know.

kaight :smart, ethical and eco-friendly clothing: is offering 15% off november 23-25 when you enter "thanksgiving" as a coupon code. they have the high waisted :aoki: jeans that shalom harlow wore on the cover of domino magazine a few months back- they are super cute! (although the picture on the website isn't that great) they also carry ashley watson bags that are made from recycled leather jackets (vancouver designer!) and mociun's fantastic printed pieces.

creatures of comfort is offering 30% off on november 23 and 20% off november 24-25 (apc duffle coat and karen walker dress above)

la garconne is offering 20% off regular priced items on november 21 (today!) and 22 by entering thanks07 at checkout. (les prairies des paris cardigan and jerome dreyfuss bag shown above)

also, thanks to geraldine aka punk b. you can get 30% off at le train bleu by entering "birthday" at checkout (karen walker shirt above)

you know how they say :what you don't know won't hurt you?: well, i should really unsubscribe to all these websites because they are so tempting! if i didn't know what was new of if they were having a sale then i wouldn't want things!

sveta dresher

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 9

Picture 8

Picture 10

as soon as i saw svetna dresher's knitwear on copycat i fell in love! you can see more of her collection here. i just love the chunkyness of the yarn. i really really want a neckwarmer like the one above. i bet it would be easy to knit, but i wouldn't know the first thing about doing the back part. i guess a just making a tube would work. i am going to buy some knitting needles today.

Monday, November 19, 2007

paris planning

paris moleskin
i got a paris moleskin to plan my attack
paris planning
marking out every shop with a little dot

paris boutique index

and an index with addresses for every page

am i crazy? maybe. but i don't want to miss anything this time around.

Sunday, November 18, 2007



this is the anorak i got from h&m. it has a removable quilted lining. only eighty dollars!


this is my favourite belt to wear with high waisted jeans. it is brown leather with these thin pieces of metal riveted onto each side (just on each side, it doesn't go all the way around) i got it for $30 at a vintage store and i love it!

happy birthday to me...

poor sad bear.
blurry picture of my b-day outfit. iro leather jacket, opening ceremony jeans, black scarf.
pretty flowers

my birthday was on the 15th. mom, dad, brother + girlfriend, jon and i went out for sushi on saturday and it was yummy. nothing beats spicy agedashi tofu, baked black cod and house rolls from toshi's. very funny watching my mom trying to use chopsticks. i got pretty flowers and an iro leather jacket from my parents, and some flat leather boots from my brother.

Friday, November 16, 2007

oh creatures of comfort, how you tempt me...

Picture 10

Picture 9

Picture 6

Picture 8

Picture 11

Picture 7

Picture 5

i just got a fabulously tempting and drool-worthy update from one of my favourite stores i've never been to: creatures of comfort. it included a link to their entire yummy heart-palpatating collection of isabel marant pieces. aarrrggghhhh... can't wait to get to paris!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

more chunky

chunkyPicture 6

mmm more chunky knits. this blanket looks so cosy! i wonder if my nana wants a project...


i love these little ceramic salt + pepper shakers from health ceramics via velocity in seattle. velocity is one of my favourite home sites, but sadly they don't ship internationally anymore, so i will have to wait until we go to seattle to shop in person.

ruth cross

in the latest issue of blueprint magazine i discovered ruth cross, and her mug and teapot cosies, which i love even though the concept of a :cosy: is kind of granny/crafty. i think these would look amazing in a super-modern/industrial space. unknown to me, she is also the designer of the mr. and mrs. jones juicers which have been on my home wish list for a while.

i also like these creepy looking cups (i'd probably use one to keep pens in on my desk)

i really love chunky knitwear. one of my goals this year is to learn to knit and make some pillow covers and other little projects.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

japanese fabric store

record number of posts today, i know! i couldn't resist posting about this japanese fabric/notions store :linnet: who specializes in beautiful linen fabrics and other notions. (seen at wiksten-made) speaking of japan, jon was talking about going to tokyo next year! i have always always wanted to go. i will have to start saving after paris because i will lose my mind there for sure.

new at rose and radish

one of my favourite home decor/floral stores rose + radish just changed over themes to :folk: i will definitely be checking their store out in person this summer when my mom and i go to san francisco (yay!) i love these vases by guillaume delvigne and ionna vautrin for industreal. they have such a well edited selection of goods and photograph them beautifully.

last purchase

ok. this is my last purchase until paris. promise. i don't even have anything on my ebay watch list anymore. above are the boots i scored on ebay. finally a successful ebay purchase. i've been having no luck with ebay lately, especially vintage clothes. i can't believe how high people are bidding now! it is hard to find a good deal on ebay anymore. so anyway, these boots i actually won and i can't wait to get them to cut off that cuff to make them :kinda: look like the suede boots apc made for fall. yippie!

jerome dreyfuss

jerome dreyfuss billy

one thing that i am on the lookout for in paris is a new everyday handbag. i really like the billy bag from jerome dreyfuss. this :kaki: coloured one from shopbop is on sale! ofcourse my dream bag would be a bigger bag from balenciaga (a city, giant city, or a day) but i doubt i will find one deeply discounted an in black or navy. fingers crossed!


jerome dreyfuss

shopbop also has this :jean: clutch/cross body bag on sale in three colours. i like that it can be converted from a chain bag to a clutch.