Tuesday, October 30, 2007

all hallows eve




this year i really wanted unusual coloured pumpkins. unfortunately i've been so busy with work that all i had time to do was go to a grocery store and pick some out. no pumpkin patch this year. i did manage to find some white ones, but i couldn't find any other colours (i really wanted some un-ripe green ones). i like to do a theme with my pumpkins every year, and this year i chose one of my favorite artists and etsy sellers ashley goldberg. i chose the two characters from 'i can't believe the monster i've become' set for my first two pumpkins. i have two or three more to do tonight!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

penny pinching

the other night while checking out some blogs and web stores is dawned on me how crazy i am going to be shopping in paris. clothing wise, between apc, vanessa bruno, isabel marant, comptoir des cotonniers, zadig et voltaire, agnes b, and hopefully the new paris uniqlo (if it's open on time) i'm really going to go mad. i don't want any regrets when i get home or wishing i bought something that i didn't. i will have to bring an empty suitcase for sure. this also means i will have to exercise some serious restraint from now until christmas. that means none of the following will be purchased by me :(

isabel marant dress

rachel comey top and dress

iro leather jacket

rachel comey boots

thuy dress

iro silk top, rachel comey skirt, thuy belt

roberto collina top

humanoid sweater

everything i won't be buying is from impulse

Friday, October 26, 2007

karin erikkson


i discovered a new (to me) home site based in england called :mirror mirror: during my morning blog reading. usually i skip over foreign home web stores because of exchange rates and shipping costs, but i was drawn in by the above mobile. turns out it is from karin erikkson, a well-known swedish ceramicist whose work i have admired before. i really love the colours of glaze she used. i have much more of an appreciation for ceramics since my pottery class last spring. maybe i will find a store that sells her stuff in paris.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Picture 1

i was looking for more terrerium pictures and ideas on flikr and came across this person who collects moss and makes beautiful terreriums. i love that furry moss with the red tips. i think i will have to go moss hunting as well. although, will it look strange if i have one moss jar and two succulant jars?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a new project

inspired by a post at one of my everyday-reading blogs creature comforts i have decided to create some terrariums (which my mom says is very 70s). i have a plan to add three shelves to my office area so i figured they could go there. i thought buying :new: jars would be kind of silly, boring and expensive, so i looked on craigslist and found three chinese apothacary jars that were the perfect size and shape. i got them today and now i just have to pick out some succulants and get planting! i can't wait.

Monday, October 22, 2007

finally a decision


after much deliberation i have finally decided on a light fixture for our entrance way- a nelson saucer light of course! now that i have finally made a decision, i can't buy it because I'm saving for paris! seeing a picture of lotta jansdotter's nelson saucer light in september's issue of blueprint magazine solidified my decision. i must have a small nelson saucer lamp. i also like the idea of using a ceiling medalion (seen above). i love the juxtaposition of something with a modern aesthetic (nelson saucer lamp) with something old or ornate (ceiling medalion). if i could get it past jon i would have a maartin baas armchair from his smoke collection (if my budget allowed), or a similarily ornate chair upholstered with a more modern fabric.

finding an excuse

i have been trying to come up with a project so i can buy some of yoshiko jinzenji's great fabric. i am thinking some pillows or a runner for my new ikea work table maybe. my favorite :dashes: is above. i love the way the patterns are simple, random and the size of the repeat is huge, which makes buying one or two yards feel unique, as no two pieces you cut out will be the same.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

a fresh start


i have somewhat reluctantly decided to start blogging again after a more than three month hiatus. i also decided to move to blogger.

i am very excited about going to paris in december for one week. last time i was there was over two years ago and it was for only three hectic days. i am looking foward to being able to stroll rather than power walk, and to get some serious shopping done. i started a savings account at the beginning of summer this year where i have been putting a percentage of my income away each cheque. originally i had planned on a trip the following summer at earliest (summer two thousand and eight - i was thinking about stockholm) but that will have to be postponed as paris shopping comes first! in addition to checking out about a two page list of stores, incuding raiding the apc surpus store, here is a small list of things that i am hoping to definitely get while i am there:

= comme des garcons perfume (from the red collection, either harissa or sequoia, or whatever smells best) comme des garcons perfume 23 place marché st.-honoré

= a pair of repetto ballet flats. i'm not sure what colour i want. i was thinking red patent leather or grey suede. repetto 22 rue de la paix

= stock up on tights and socks from printemps and galleries lafayette. one thing i learned from my last time in paris is that parisiennes are mad about hosiery, and they have a excellent selection of unusual stockings and tights at both these department stores.

= a botanical or medical print from deyrolle. this is a shop i am looking forward to seeing. unfortunately i don't think i can take home a taxidermied squirrel. deyrolles the taxidermist 46 rue du bac

= a 2008 caperino and peperone desk calendar from colette. i bought their 2006 calendar along with one of the most expensive t-shirts i own, due to the shipping and duty that i was faced with on arrival. colette 213 rue st.-honoré

those are my :must buys: but between shopping at apc, agnes b, isabel marant, vanessa bruno, and all the other boutiques i have on my list, i am sure to find many things that i :must buy:!

i am hopeful that there will be some post-noel sales. is a pair of half price christian louboutins too much to ask? there are about four pairs of shoes that i am :lusting from afar: over this season (ysl black pointed pumps with wood heel, stella mccartney black satin platforms, christian louboutin's black studded ankle boot, and prada sfumata elastic strap heels in black or black with green satin) , so maybe i will get lucky and find them on sale in paris. here's hoping. if only i wasn't the generic size 38, i might actually have a chance.