Saturday, December 15, 2007

uniqlo open in paris!

december 14, 2007 uniqlo opens in paris in the la defense area! excellent! i'm so happy it opened on time! i hope they have the jeans i wanted and a few other things, although i realize it is late in the fall season for much to be left of the collection.

17 avenue opéra 75001 (i think) EDIT JAN 6/08- nope! uniqlo is in the quatre temps shopping centre in la defense!





erin said...

ooh i'm so jealous! i was a Uniqlo addict when i lived in Japan and i miss it so much. and if the Paris store is like the ones there then they restock all the time, so hopefully you'll still be able to get the stuff you want!

Jessica said...

I wish it was better and I wished every time I went there the clothes reflected the ads. I am sure you will find something, but I am I am always disappointed.

Stephanie said...

i hear that paris store is quite small, but hopefully packed full of good things. i will report back!