Thursday, December 6, 2007




i love getting pretty treats from bakeries and getting them wrapped up with twine. tonight we will enjoy a lemon tart, chocolate covered macaroon and cranberry ginger cake. also i stopped by one of my favorite boutiques eugene choo which i have been avoiding because i didn't want to be tempted by their perfect selection. i knew i should have stayed far, far away! le sigh. so many things i want! i ended up getting a blue gingham umbrella that i have been wanting forever but couldn't find. at least that is practical. i needed a new umbrella because mine was old and stinky. i will have to keep the images of apc sweaters, dresses, trench coats, dace dresses and other pretty things out of my head.


e said...

i am salivating over your tasty looking treats right now, regretting the freebie sandwich i ate at a meeting and wishing it weren't so darn late and the bakeries were still open.

believe it or not, i am counting down the days until you leave for paris. i've never been, and i'm so excited for you!


erin said...

oh geez, eugene choo is an extremely dangerous store for me too... lately i've taken to sending other people there to report back, because if i go in there myself i'll never make it out without buying something!

Stephanie said...

erin- that's a damn fine idea. sometimes i wish they had a blog like impulse, but then again, that might be a bad thing! (for my credit card at least)

minny said...

liberty bakery nostalgia!! i would kill for some of their treats and a bag of knishes from solly's.