Friday, December 14, 2007

sample sale!

so i went to this sample sale at 11:30am with high hopes and for once i wasn't disappointed. i was able to find the dace dress that i wanted (saw it at eugene choo and impulse) for 60% off retail! I was pretty surprised that they had in-season stuff there, but i wasn't complaining! i was considering buying the scoop neck tunic sweater, but decided against it. so i made it out alive with just one item, and i even felt guilty from that! i shouldn't be buying things for myself when i haven't got all my x-mas gifts sorted out and purchased. shame on me. but who can resist 60% off in-season clothing!? who?! also, why was it so busy? doesn't anyone work anymore? i have an excuse- i work from home and am in between projects right now.

here are some pictures of the dress/tunic i got provided by impulse because i'm too lazy to take a picture of it on myself today.

this one is black, but i ended up getting the grey because the black didn't look as good on me.