Wednesday, December 19, 2007

outfit planning for paris

it dawned on me today that i should start actually planning what i'm going to pack for paris. here's what i've come up with so far. i haven't added any jewelry or accessories selections yet:

t-shirt by mociun
tunic by dace
jeans by a.p.c.
boots by zara
:i need to buy a black long sleeve t-shirt to go under this so my arms won't be cold.

closer up

scarf by me
perfecto by iro
dress by sunner
boots by zara
:black or grey tights will be added so my legs won't be cold

closer up

without jacket
long sleeve jersey turtle neck by made

long sleeve henley by schiesser
short sleeve sweater by humanoid
jeans by a.p.c.
boots by zara

closer up

i was thinking of this outfit for if we go out to dinner somewhere, but i'm not sure.
perfecto by iro
dress by sass and bide
shoes by nine west
:i would add black tights to this look so i don't freeze my legs off

closer up


erin said...

the first two outfits are my favourites! and not just because i have the same black flat boots from Zara (although that helps!). you're so smart, packing in outfits like that... maybe i should do the same thing for my upcoming (much less exciting) trip to Ontario.

Carlene said...

Don't you love planning what to pack for a trip? I do. And I love everything you have shown here!

tonpetiteoiseau said...

Wow! Those look amazing!

e said...

loving all your outfits. the mociun shirt looks great with the dace tunic! my husband loves his mociun t-shirt (stripes) from Bird. now i wish i had bought one for myself. the fit is amazing.

Montmarte said...

these are all so gorgeous!
i really love the scarf too. would you be able to sell one to me?

Joanna Goddard said...

who, i LOVE the second one. they are all great, but that one is so subtle and elegant and gorgeous. you will look like charlotte gainsbourg:)

Stephanie said...

thanks! it was fun putting them together- the first three looks i wear all the time so it wasn't hard! but i will cry if the airline loses my luggage- i'm bringing all my favorite things!

Stephanie said...

montmarte- thanks for the compliment about the scarf! it's the first thing i've ever knitted! if you are handy you could knit one yourself too- it only took me an afternoon once I got the hang of it.

andrea said...

i'm glad i stumbled upon your blog! your style is fantastic-- i especially love the 1st outfit, that tunic is so versatile. i love reading your blog to see all of your fun fashion picks. have so much fun in paris!

tokyobanhbao said...

your outfits are great and i hope you 'll have a great trip in Paris... i m french and live in paris : i also love fashion, and i'm very interested about Japan...your blog is really beautiful...see you soon
if you want some french blogs that will maybe inspire you: you can go on mine:

minny said...

clapclapclap. love the outfits. you'll blend right in. love the mociun top. when did you get the zara boots? i'm looking for a pair just like those.

jenny said...

wow, those are the best outfits! you are going to be tres chic in paris, you lucky girl.

-h of candid cool said...

so chic!