Wednesday, December 5, 2007

completed projects

this is huge for me, because i am the QUEEN of uncompleted projects. my neck warmer scarf thingy is finished. i second guessed myself on the number of stitches though, so it's a bit looser/longer than i think it should be. also i only had one ball of yarn so i just knitted until i didn't have any left. i would have prefered it to be longer so i could scrunch it up more, so i guess i will have to try another one! it only took me an afternoon to complete, which i like. fast projects mean that i won't get distracted and abandon it.

it's really hard for me to take pictures of myself with only my camera and a bookcase, so this is the best i could get of my dress. the shape of the neckline is perfect and it looks great with my leather jacket too!



tonpetiteoiseau said...

I'm thoroughly impressed. And you made both patterns yourself! Wow! What fabric is your dress made out of, it looks so great. The color is perfect.

erin said...

ooh they both look great! i'm big on unfinished projects too (my dining room table is covered in fabric remnants, thrift store clothes in need of alterations, etc.), so i'm extra-impressed!

e said...

super impressed by your sewing skills! that color blue works so well on you. i love the high v-neck, especially.

Style Bite said...

I particularly love the dress. Great work for, especially for someone associated with unfinished projects. You've inspired me to dig up my knitting kneedles and dust off my sewing machine!

Stephanie said...

tpo- thanks! the fabric for the dress is a mystery synthetic fabric (feels kind of rayon-y) that i found in the clearance section of the fabric store! the colour struck me and the price was right!

erin- i'm the worst with my sewing projects piling up. I once had a pair of my mom's pants for over a year with only one leg hemmed! i'm so bad.

e-thanks! it turned out pretty good considering I haven't sewn a full garment in about a year and a half!

style bite- it feels really good to check some things off my to-do list. that's my favourite part!

Stephanie said...
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jenny said...

that dress is AMAZING! it looks gorgeous on you. the shape is great, and that is hard to do. you're very talented!

also, you're making me want to pick up knitting again. i really want a cowl scarf since i saw the girl wearing one on the sartorialist today.