Monday, December 17, 2007

christmastime is here...

this is as christmassy as our house is going to get this year. we didn't want to get a tree because we will be away for christmas anyway, and also i thought it might be a bit of a fire hazard having a tree sit alone in our house for a week while we're away. i made the stockings out of a nice thick coating-weight wool but never got around to trimming them with recycled fur until this year (another project checked off my list!) i am also in the process of making two grey wool soft trees, but i need to get some embroidery thread to stitch onto them with. also you can see one of my terrariums trying to get some much needed light by being in view of the window.

i wish i had a picture of our christmas tree last year- it was perfect. a slender alpine fir with my homemade black decorations. i spray painted vintage bird ornaments black and hung them with matte white glass balls, little silver bells and white led lights. all topped with a black star. how festive, no? haha.


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jenny said...

the stockings you made are tres chic!